About us

House Call MD’s

We are a group of board-certified wound care Orlando specialists that provide exceptional wound care and dermatological services to LTAC’s Nursing Homes, Rehabilitation Centers, Assisted Living Facilities, and private residences.

House Call MD’s provide an exceptional patient-centered and outcome-oriented program focused on quality of life and quality of care.

Financial Savings for the Facility

There is no cost for our services to the facility. We bill Medicare part B, PPO’s, and some HMO’s. This is one thing that makes us the best wound care Orlando has to offer.

We do not affect the consolidated billing for the facility. All services provided fall under the category of “physician services,” a category completely excluded from consolidated billing, as physician services are covered by Medicare part B. See section 4432(b) of the Balanced Budget Act of 1997 (BBA, P.L. 105-33). Original list of exclusions can be found in section 1888€ (2) (ii) of the Act.

Enhanced Pay for Performance Medicare reimbursements.

We Provide

On-site debridement/curettage, cauterization, and biopsy which diminish wound care center fees and transportation costs.

Minimize cost to facilities – saving over $85,000 per year for a 100-bed facility.

Improved physician evaluation frequency, resulting in higher RUG levels.

Our Objectives

  • Financial savings for the facility
  • Compliance with state regulations
  • Protection from litigation
  • Education through in-services
  • Bedside teaching
  • Superior wound care

What We Do Best!

Implement compliance with state regulations F385 and F501 through our detailed weekly documentation. Our providers master handling state audits.

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