ALF- An assisted living facility is a senior living option for those with minimal needs for assistance with daily living and care. It’s purpose is to help adults live independently in a safe environment.

Aging in place is the option that most seniors prefer, but sometimes it is not the safest one to choose. If a person is unable to take care of their daily activity needs, like dressing, bathing, cooking, shopping, paying bills, and taking medications, it’s time to rethink aging in place.

There is a huge movement among seniors that want to live at home and maintain independence but In some cases, aging in place is not a good idea. There are new regulations in place to help people who wish to stay at home, while they age.

Services Offered by Assisted Living

Although every state is different, most assisted living facilities offer:

  • Living accommodations
  • Meals
  • Supervision
  • Security
  • Assistance with activities of daily living

Additional services offered by assisted living communities include:

  • Medication management
  • Additional nursing services (by either staff or outsourced)
  • Social activities
  • Transportation
  • More intensive memory care.

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