Comprehensive Mental Health Care

At House Call MD’s, we are dedicated to providing individuals, organizations, and licensed facilities with a wide range of psychiatric and mental health services. Our team of highly skilled professionals, including medical doctors, nurse practitioners, and mental health counselors, is committed to delivering quality care both on-site and through in-home visits. We strive to make accessing mental health services easy and efficient with our streamlined referral process.

How We Help:

  • In Home Visits at Facilities: We offer convenient in-home visits, bringing psychiatric and mental health care directly to our clients in residential settings.
  • On Premise: For those who prefer clinical settings, we provide services at our designated facilities.
  • Self-Pay or Insurance: We accommodate both self-pay and insurance payment options, ensuring accessible care for all.
  • Easy Referral Process: Our referral process is designed to be hassle-free, facilitating quick access to our services.


    Telepsychology is a form of mental health service delivery through electronic means, such as phone, video, or online chat. It enables psychologists to provide assessment, diagnosis, treatment, and psychological support remotely, thereby facilitating access to care for individuals who may have difficulties attending an in-person appointment. Telepsychology has gained popularity in recent years due to its convenience and effectiveness in reaching a wide range of patients in different geographic locations.

    Our Services:

    • Psychiatric Evaluation: Thorough assessments to diagnose and understand the individual’s mental health condition.
    • Medication Management: Expert management and monitoring of psychotropic medications for optimal treatment outcomes.
    • Psychotherapy/Counseling: Talk therapy and counseling sessions tailored to address individual needs and promote emotional well-being.
    • Medication-Assisted Therapy: Integration of medications with counseling and therapy to effectively treat substance use disorders and addiction.
    • Psychiatric Consultation: Collaborative consultations with our psychiatrists to provide expert insights and guidance for complex cases.
    • Home Patients: Specialized care and support for individuals receiving treatment at home.
    • Genetic testing: in telepsychology involves utilizing genetic analysis to enhance comprehension of individuals’ mental health and psychological welfare. 
    • Psychological counseling: Guidance and emotional support are provided to individuals dealing with emotional difficulties or everyday life problems.

    Our Healthcare Providers


    • In Home: We bring mental health care directly to the comfort and convenience of your own home.
    • Assisted Living Facility: Comprehensive psychiatric services delivered at assisted living facilities.
    • Skilled Nursing Facility: Dedicated care for residents in skilled nursing facilities.
    • Intermediate Care Facility: Mental health services for individuals in intermediate care facilities.
    • Licensed Group Homes: Tailored support for mental health needs in licensed group homes.
    • Residential Treatment: Comprehensive treatment programs provided in residential settings.
    • Independent Living Facility: Mental health care services for individuals in independent living facilities.

    For Facilities:

    • Manage resident’s mental health: We provide comprehensive mental health care management for residents within your facility.
    • Insurance coordination: We handle insurance matters and ensure seamless coordination of mental health services for residents.
    • Provider schedule management: Efficient management of our providers’ schedules to ensure consistent care availability.
    • Experienced with State Survey: Our team is well-versed in state survey requirements, ensuring compliance with regulatory standards.
    • Support federal guidelines for Gradual Dose Reduction (GDR): We adhere to federal guidelines to promote safe and effective reduction of psychotropic medications.
    • Partnership: We collaborate with skilled nursing homes, assisted living facilities, and other licensed facilities to deliver high-quality behavioral health services to residents.

    Benefits for Residents:

    • Improve Quality of Life: Enhance overall well-being and life satisfaction.
    • Decrease Anxiety and Agitation: Reduce symptoms of anxiety and agitation, promoting calmness and stability.
    • Decrease Aggressive Behaviors: Address and manage aggressive behaviors through comprehensive care.
    • Increase Participation in Daily Life: Improve engagement and involvement in daily activities and routines.
    • Enhance Psychological Status: Support mental and emotional well-being, fostering a positive psychological state.
    • Increase Family/Client Satisfaction: Promote satisfaction and contentment for both residents and their families.
    • Reduce Reliance on Psychotropic Medication: Develop strategies to minimize dependence on psychotropic medications when appropriate.
    • Improve Physical/Mental Status: Enhance overall physical and mental health outcomes.
    • Medication Management Review: Thorough evaluation

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