You would think expectant mothers have enough to deal with already, but for 15 to 50 percent of soon-to-be moms, melasma becomes another stressor. Neither a health concern nor painful, melasma is a condition consisting of dark patches on some regions of the woman’s face. It’s brought on by changing hormones during pregnancy, but unfortunately, it may not clear up once their hormones return to normal levels. The condition can lead to embarrassment for many women. Melasma treatments are available, and if you are in Orlando, FL, House Call MDs can help. Read below to find out more about treatment options.

Options For Melasma Treatments are Available

Just as no two pregnancies are the same, melasma treatments can vary significantly from person to person. It may take one treatment plan to help a woman’s symptoms, but using a combination of treatment plans is not unheard of before results are seen.

Both home and clinic treatment options are available. At House Call MD’s, a dermatologist Orlando natives love will evaluate you for the best treatment options.

Home Approach for Treatment

To start with, a doctor may prescribe a topical ointment to be applied at home. These ointments are made up of prescription-strength tretinoin, kojic acid, hydroquinone, and vitamin C.

A warning about Hydroquinone; though effective, it does have risks associated with it. Higher prescription-strength doses can only be used for a set number of months, and carcinogenic effects may follow use. Hydroquinone has also been banned in some countries.

Clinic Treatment Options

  • Topical Peels. With this treatment, a doctor will apply a solution of trichloroacetic acid (TCA) onto the area requiring treatment. The solution is left on for around 10 minutes before another solution is applied to neutralize the TCA. A patient may have a warm tingling sensation during treatments. An anesthetic ointment can be used to provide extra comfort for the patient.
  • Microdermabrasion. During this treatment, the skin is cleaned thoroughly to remove any oil or dirt present on the affected skin. After this, a handheld device is placed in the area of treatment. From here, very tiny crystals are sprayed from the device. This process removes the top layer of skin, allowing the underlayer to grow back healthier.
  • Laser Therapy. Like tattoo removal, this treatment can be used to break up the dark pigments causing the blemishes. An anesthetic can be applied for comfort, and the patient will be given special glasses to protect their eyes from the laser. A small handheld device is placed over the treatment area, and short bursts of light are then generated to penetrate the skin and break up the unwanted pigments.
  • Microneedling. This treatment activates the body’s healing systems to promote clearer, younger-appearing skin. An anesthetic is given for comfort, and a device is then placed over the area needing treatment. Small microneedles from the device form pathways in the top layer of the skin. These small pathways will then cause the body to repair itself through elastin and collagen production.

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